Billing for Canadian Patients

We bill under the same system as all clinics and physicians operating in British Columbia. We accept and bill to all provincial health plans (with the exception of Quebec as this province does not accept reciprocal billing). There are no additional charges for general medical services covered by provincial health plans. Some services are not covered benefits of any provincial health plans, including (but not limited to) driver’s medical exams, disability and insurance forms and school/sport physicals. We will advise you of any additional fees.

Billing for Out-of-Country or Uninsured Canadian Patients

Any out-of-country patients will be charged in full at the time of service. The minimum fee for in-office visits for out-of-country patients is $100. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit, cash and cheque. We will give you a detailed invoice to provide to your insurance company.

Uninsured Canadians will also be charged in full at the time of service according to the fees set by the British Columbia Medical Association. For more information on medical coverage in BC, please visit the BC Health website »

Please note that any lab specimens collected at the clinic (urine samples, culture swabs, etc.) are sent to our local hospital and processed through the Interior Health Authority (IHA) laboratory services. IHA will invoice patients separately for these tests and the cost of these tests is the responsibility of the patient. Our reception can provide approximate costs for some of the more common tests, though the cost invoiced by IHA may differ.

Services Not Covered by Your Medical Services Plan

Not all services are covered by your Medical Services Plan in British Columbia. Please see below for a list of some services that must be paid for privately. Please contact our clinic for any additional information about forms and fees.

  • Routine physical examinations and procedures for out-of-province patients
  • Insurance forms (ie: disability forms)
  • Medico-legal forms
  • Driver’s medical examinations
  • Pre-employment medicals and other work-related exams
  • Sports medicals
  • Doctors’ notes
  • Government forms
  • Circumcisions

**For residents of Quebec, please note that there is no reciprocal agreement between British Columbia and Quebec health plans, therefore all services must be paid for at the time of service.

If you are bringing in a form for your appointment, please let us know so we can bill for it appropriately.